Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Mar 03, 2017 @ 1:15 pm

Sneak peeks at upcoming new beauty products have become an industry standard, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting when when we get one! Tarte has been extra sneak-peeky about their upcoming launch, and while we don’t know for sure what it could be, we have a feeling it’s unicorn-related! Theories abound, and some are strongly speculating about a brush set, though we won’t know for sure until Tarte tells us!

What we do know is that their aesthetic and theme of this product is most likely going to be ethereal and otherworldly, based on the color schemes they’ve been showing us! (And that unicorn emoji might be the biggest hint of all!)

Look at those dreamy pinks and blues! It reminds us of a spectacular cloud-puff sunset.

Our friends at Trendmood have a feeling that it’s the brush set that Tarte teased us with a few months back, and we would not be mad if that were the case! They’re simply divine!

The colors match up, and it would be a perfect addition to their collection. And look at those brush handles — they look like a unicorn’s horn to us!

Tarte’s Twitter fans are speculating just as wildly as the rest of us, but the growing consensus seems to be that they all think it’s these beautiful brushes. false false


What’s your take, are these the brushes everyone has been waiting for? Hopefully we’ll get a release date soon, because not only are they beautiful but since they’re from trusty Tarte we know the quality is going to be off the charts good.

Keep your eyes peeled on Tarte’s social media accounts for possible updates and info — inquiring minds need to know!