KLAGENFURT, AUSTRIA - JULY 29: (EDITORS NOTE: Image contains partial nudity.) A model poses for a picture during the 20th World Bodypainting Festival 2017 on July 29, 2017 in Klagenfurt, Austria. (Photo by )
Credit: Didier Messens/Getty Images

Did you know that every single year, people gather in southern Austria to compete in body painting? Now that we’ve seen some of the stunning pictures from the World Bodypainting Festival,we are definitely booking tickets for next year.

The models sit around for up to six whole hours letting their bodies act as blank canvases for this art, and they’re transformed using paint and latex makeup; some of the women become totally unrecognizable, with horns and butterflies coming out of their heads and flowers and animals painted all over them.

Artists from over 50 countries participated in the festival this year. The full body art is the main draw, but awards are also given in brush and sponge technique, UV effects, special effect makeup, and even awards for amateurs trying their hand at this amazing art form for the first time (or at least not professionally).

Here are some of the highlights from the World Bodypainting Festival this year.

Credit: Jan Hetfleisch/Getty Images

This creation looks like it came from a dream.

Some were totally out of this world.

Credit: Didier Messens/Getty Images

Faces in faces in faces.

Credit: Didier Messens/Getty Images

This is something else.

Credit: Jan Hetfleisch/Getty Images

Stunning, right?

Credit: Didier Messens/Getty Images

Check that gluteus maximus.

Credit: Didier Messens/Getty Images

Taking “peacocking” to the next level.

Credit: Didier Messens/Getty Images

Full face paint.

Credit: Didier Messens/Getty Images

The festival also had music events, catwalk shows, mini competitions, and general *good times,* according to all the reports. Winners will be announced at the end of the festival later today, we have no idea how the judges can choose between them.

Like we said, we’ll see you next year at the festival because something tells us that it’s even more jaw-dropping and gorgeous in person.

Although we have to wonder: What kind of makeup remover do you think the models use afterwards?