Amanda Grace
Updated Dec 22, 2016 @ 11:44 am
Credit: Lionsgate

All of our fairytale fantasies are coming true with Storybook Cosmetics’ fandom-inspired, magical makeup brushes. The newest addition to their store has us volunteering as tribute, reminding us of Katniss Evergreen with its swift arrow-inspired handles. The Bullseye Brush Set is right on the mark. If you haven’t read or seen the films of the multi-million dollar Hunger Games franchise, Katniss is a strong young woman who defies injustice and literally fights for her life. She also manages to support her family and juggle relationships while leading a revolution — pretty much who we want to be as we head into 2017!

The Bullseye Brush Set is even in its own miniature arrow quiver!

We love the bronze, silver, and gold color assortment of these Storybook handled brushes — sounds like they are winning at all levels of the makeup game!

Credit: Lionsgate

The bow and arrow is Katniss’ weapon of choice, as she grew up hunting for food in the impoverished district she lived in.

Whether you chose to do a natural look like Katniss or a full face like Effie Trinket, these brushes are sure to inspire you in any District!

The arrow brushes will be out sometime in 2017, and we cannot wait to add them to our collection! Looks like Storybook fans can’t wait either!

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They aren’t only perfect for Hunger Games fans, either!

Credit: Instagram

They will look SO good alongside Storybook’s Harry Potter magic wand-inspired brushes!