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The best part about sneak peeks is knowing what cool makeup products are coming soon. The worst part is definitely waiting. Storybook Cosmetics is releasing an all new palette this October. The magical makeup brand posted a teaser on their Instagram, showing swatches of 12 upcoming matte and shimmery shades. The swatches were filtered in black and white, so we have yet to see what colors they are. As the caption jokes, there will be plenty of time to “tease” fans.

Over the next four months, we are sure to get clues and insight about what this palette entails. Over the last year, Storybook has teased franchise collaborations and has secured two (that we know about). The Hunger Games was recently announced and we know that the Roald Dahl collab is a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette.

But what shadows could these be?

Though it would be easy to assume that this is the Roald Dahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory collaboration, fans have some other ideas about what the palette may be.

While the swatches of the shadows are in black and white, a full-color R2-D2 is visible in the background. Some speculate that this means that Storybook Cosmetics acquired the Star Wars license after all. Following the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Storybook created a mock up of lightsaber-inspired makeup brushes that has since been deleted.

Credit: Storybook Cosmetics / Instagram
Credit: Storybook Cosmetics / Instagram

Other fans believe that it might be something a little more spooky, considering the Halloween release. Fans are guessing a Hocus Pocus and Wizard of Oz could be in the works. How great would a witchy wicked green or yellow brick road shade be?

Credit: Storybook Cosmetics / Instagram

Storybook Cosmetics teased at a Wizard of Oz palette last year.

The palette never came to be, but this could be a total surprise!

What will the mystery Storybook Cosmetics swatches be? If this were a real book we would totally skip to the end and see!