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We’re used to getting beauty product sneak peeks over here, and we absolutely love them! But no one slays the game quite like our pals at Storybook Cosmetics — they love letting us in on their production process and we love them for it! They kindly gave us a look at their upcoming “What’s in a Name?” rose brush set on Instagram, and it’s even more beautiful than we could have imagined! If these photos are any indication, these romantic brushes are going to be absolutely stunning.

And we so appreciate the fact that they share pictures of their brushes and other products while they’re still in the design process, even if they’re unfinished and they haven’t perfected them yet. It makes us all feel like we’re a part of the process and like they have a voice in the final creative product, which is awesome!

We LOVE the contrast of the red brush with a vibrant green handle, and it will only look more stunning and dramatic when they darken the brush head even more! It’s so evocative of romance, darkness, sexiness, and nature, all in one brush! Can’t you just picture it on your vanity?

The entire set will be the perfect addition to your makeup collection. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they’re expertly made so that you’ll be able to apply your makeup perfectly!

And while the brush bouquet may conjure up visions of a lovely fairytale, they are actually inspired by a quote from Romeo and Juliet!

We’re officially in love and can’t wait for them to come out!

Do you think you’ll add them to your brush collection? It’s been a while since we’ve seen a brush set that was so uniquely inspired and executed. It’s truly a vision of loveliness!