Amanda Grace
Updated Mar 31, 2017 @ 12:29 pm

We are now fully convinced that there is some serious witchcraft going down at our favorite indie beauty brand. Storybook Cosmetics’ Quill and Ink Eyeliner duo is water, rub, and petroleum jelly-proof. It will probably withstand an Avada Kedavra Killing Curse and leave you with only a lightning bolt mark, too. This liner will stay with you, Always. Even if you aren’t watching all Harry Potter movies or reading the books, this eyeliner will stay in place even while you binge-watch and cry your eyes out to This Is Us. Pretty much if you’re chopping onions or watching the saddest movie ever, Storybook’s new eyeliner will stay put.

This pot eyeliner is serious stuff. We are watching video after video on the Storybook Cosmetics Instagram page and are totally mesmerized. First, they tested the eyeliner with water. After they tried their darndest to rub it off, then they put jelly to the test. And guess what? It didn’t move. Storybook is open to fan suggested “tests” but honestly, we just want to try it out for ourselves already.

This liner is black as night, black as pitch, and blacker than the foulest witch!

This liner is straight out of our magical dreams! Storybook Cosmetics nailed it with this product. The liner doesn’t just look great on, the quill brush and ink liner pot set are gorgeous.

Cry all you want at the end of any book, show, or movie because this liner won’t budge!

Do you ever rub your eye forgetting you have makeup on? Us too! Luckily that is no longer a problem once we get our hands on this duo!

We are totally convinced that this liner can survive anything. It would definitely be the last liner standing in a cosmetic version of the Hunger Games!

The creamy matte black Quill and Ink Eyeliner Duo should be available soon. Follow @StorybookCosmetics to know more details about this little gem!