Amanda Grace
January 04, 2017 9:36 am
Storybook Cosmetics /

There are many items that scream Doctor Who. The bright blue Tardis (the Doctor’s time-traveling ship), the unique coats each Doctor wears, but no item holds more significance than the Sonic Screwdriver.

It is only fitting that our magic and makeup merging faves, Storybook Cosmetics, would choose the Sonic Screwdriver as their next choice for a makeup brush handle. In the show, which has spanned decades (both season wise and in episodes), the Sonic Screwdriver has a wide variety of uses and is the most important tool that the Doctor has. Kind of like how important our beauty tools are to us when we are not traveling to alien planets.

Storybook promises that there will be more products available soon, informing us on why they post ideas prior to receiving licensing rights:


We definitely appreciate the mockups and perhaps production companies will see how much interest there is in these products. Le’ts hope they’re swayed into approving them for us beauty lovers!

If only we had a Doctor to take us to the future and see!


More importantly, will there be multiple Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver brushes?! We’ll find out!