Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Oct 18, 2017 @ 11:43 am
Credit: Storybook Cosmetics /

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and Storybook Cosmetics is always coming out with something new. We really tried there, but you get the gist. And truly, whether we’re looking for goth black rose-inspired makeup brushes or we’re Game of Thrones fans searching for dragon-inspired lipstick, the creative cosmetics company has our back at every turn.

For their latest teaser, Storybook Cosmetics revealed they’ll be going the art history route for their inspiration. Anyone who both loves makeup and the impressionist and post-impressionist period of art will truly appreciate the upcoming palette. Why, you may ask?! Well, in a recent Instagram post, Storybook revealed they’ll be launching a Starry Night makeup palette inspired by the painter Vincent Van Gogh.

We have so many questions, will the colors include a myriad of starry blues and yellows?!

Do they intend to expand their reach into more of Van Gogh’s paintings in the future? The release date isn’t until 2018, so we could see answers as soon as winter or as late as next fall. But, we’re excited to see how this inspiration takes shape.

Is this going to be the palette that finally transforms our eyes into the moody night sky?!

It certainly could be.

We are curious and excited to see more previews of this upcoming impressionist palette.