Amanda Grace
April 05, 2017 12:54 pm

Storybook Cosmetics just totally surprised us, in a good way. As we wait excitedly for Storybook Cosmetics’ What’s In A Name Rose brush set, we just got a sneak peek at the perfect complimentary makeup bag! The bag popped up on the beauty brand’s Instagram, and we are totally speechless. We need it!

Usually, our indie beauty favorites keep us in the loop from product design to pre-sale. It’s pretty fun to see something new pop up like this! We aren’t quite sure if these bags will be offered with the brush set or be available as a separate purchase. Either way, both of these rosy products are total must-haves.

The front features the famous Romeo and Juliet line that inspired the name of the set. The back side remains a mystery to throw off counterfeits. From the first wand brushes to the not yet released Wizardry palette, Storybook has fallen victim to some bad knockoffs.

We are still super excited to see the other side of this makeup bag!

The black bag has a cute red ribbon zipper pull and looks like the perfect size to keep all of our Storybook Cosmetics treasures in!

We are waiting for a release date for the Storybook Cosmetics rose-themed products, but hopefully, April showers will bring us these May flowers!