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Halloween is getting closer, and we’re stressing about how we can make our costumes one above the rest. Because, well, we want to take a million selfies, and we want to love every single one! Plus, we don’t want to let down our squad by rocking the least cool costume ever. And while cat costumes get a bad rep, this cat costume is anything but basic. We love this so much because not only is this cat costume makeup SO easy to DIY, it’s also just so adorable, and so elegant. Plus, this unique cat costume from Instagrammer and YouTuber @anousshkaa would make us feel oh-so-fierce.

This look truly is so, so amazing, and so glam! We never knew a cat costume could be so chic.

It’s so, so beautiful. We adore this with our entire Halloween-loving hearts.

Luckily, she explained how you can get the look for yourself! The makeup artist explained,

And the list just keeps on going. Remember how we told you this cat costume was a step above the rest? We meant it! She continued,

TG she took out the guess work with this cat costume! Can you imagine how long it would take to decode all of that on your own?! We’re so excited to try this out!