Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Oct 13, 2017 @ 1:47 pm

One of our favorite fashion and accessories brands, Valfré, is inspiring the beauty corner of Instagram and the internet with their delightful illustrations. Halloween is just around the corner, and these adorable star-studded Valfre Dolls are the cutest way to incorporate a whimsical makeup design into your costume.

You can add these star freckles to whatever costume you’re planning on donning, whether it’s scary or sweet, you can just throw them on to add a bit of pizzazz to your everyday look. Either way, they’re as cute as can be and we seriously cannot get enough. These dolls have been the inspiration for Valfré’s fashion line and image, so they’re a great homage to such a beloved brand.

Just a peek at the Valfre Doll illustrations will have you itching to get a babydoll dress, liquid eyeliner, and a steady hand.

Just a quick look through Instagram and you’ll see that these designs are serving as major makeup inspo in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

You can add Valfré Dolls star freckles to your rag doll costume.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfre

Or take a bit of inspiration from their witch illustration and do your best Elphaba-glow-up impression.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfre

There’s no end to the kind of creativity that these sweet dolls inspire.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfre

Do you have a favorite yet? We can’t decide!

Credit: Courtesy of Valfre

Even the most gothest of hearts can’t resist adding these star freckles for a touch of whimsy.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfre

If ever there were a good excuse to dye our hair bright green, this is definitely it. This is not Anne Shirley-green, folks — this is Valfré Doll-green.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfre

We never thought we’d see a dunce cap look so good.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfre

An eyeball in the hand and stars on the cheek, looks about right to us.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfre

We’re just as delighted by those eyebrows and eye makeup as we are by the star freckles — how absolutely ethereal.

Credit: Courtesy of Valfre

Are you in love yet?

Head over to Valfré and check out even more of their lovely designs. If this isn’t enough to get you in the Halloween makeup spirit, we don’t know what will. But one thing’s for sure: we know what looks we’ll be practicing tonight.