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Eyebrow trends have been a little weird in 2017, as colored and glitter brows made headlines this year. And now, squiggle brows are the latest weird brow trend to emerge, as they look like something straight out of a Betty Boop cartoon.

Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t wear squiggle brows while you’re out and about in public, but we will admit that they make for a really cool Halloween makeup idea, especially if you’re dressing up as a flapper girl or are planning on creating a cartoony rendition of the Bride of Frankenstein.

It’s important to note that most of these recreations on social media are through Photoshop. So while some people might actually rock squiggle brows with their real brow hair, most of it is fake.

The trend seems to have originated from the Instagram account Melovemealot. Take a peek at some of her looks.

Whether you want to rock them for real or Photoshop your brows, we rounded up some of the coolest squiggle brows from Instagram.

See what we mean by Betty Boop.

These eyebrows will make any look go from basic to EXTRA in the best way.

These trippy-looking brows will help your eyeshadow pop.

If you want a high-impact look, try making your squiggle brows look full and dramatic just like this!

Test out your mad makeup skills by trying out this snake-like brow.

If you have an insane amount of patience, try creating this cool brow look for yourself.

Yes, Photoshop may be involved in this look, but if you have the guts, nothing should stop you from making your brows look wavy AF!

Need some serious Halloween beauty inspo? Take some notes.

Again, Photoshop is totally involved in this look, but we’ll admit that it makes for some really cool photos.