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Die-hard Solange fans who have been by her side since her debut album, Solo Star, have been waiting for this moment. Since the release of last fall’s amazing Seat at the Table, Solange has received her first Grammy nomination, is headlining this summer’s Panorama festival with Frank Ocean, and now she’s on featured in Interview Magazine. We can’t get enough of our girl and she is MORE than deserving of this hype. Seriously though, something about Solange’s understated “no makeup” and gorgeous glossy lids on the cover of Interview has us thinking maybe, just maybe, 2017 won’t be so bad after all.

The “no-makeup” trend got traction last year, after Alicia Keys wrote a powerful essay in Lenny Letter about her choice to abandon a full face for her Vanity Fair shoot. Stars like Milo Kunis, Gabrielle Union, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner all followed suit, whether through their own toned-down editorial features or fresh-faced Instagram selfies.

Solange’s barely-there makeup was done by none other than celebrity makeup artist, Mark Carrasquillo, with hair done by Chuck Amos, and nails by Megumi Yamamoto.

As if her “no makeup” makeup look wasn’t enough of a reason to pick up the mag, guess who interviewed her for the feature? BE-YON-CÉ. A moment made more special since, ya know, Beyoncé doesn’t do interviews herself. Perhaps her plan was to transition from interviewee to interviewer all along?

Here’s a little snippet from this LEGENDARY interview.

The full interview is up online, and now we’re all wishing we were the third Knowles sister.