Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Sep 08, 2017 @ 11:02 am

The king of social media is at it again with sneak peeks, and we’re talking about Jerrod Blandino teasing what appears to be the most luxe gold powder we have ever seen. From the looks of it, we have a feeling it could be a shadow from Too Faced’s Chocolate Gold palette, but honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if he had a lot more gilded goodies hidden up his sleeves.

We already know that there are quite a few new beauty products headed our way, but Jerrod’s been holding back on giving us the full scoop. Is an entire gold collection on the horizon? What does this all mean?

What do you think, does this look like Too Faced’s Chocolate Gold palette shadow to you?

We already know that an intensely sparkly pink peel-off mask is in the works, is the theme glitter?

We’ve gotten a look at the golden shadow in action, and it’s so intensely pigmented and gorgeous that it makes us crazy excited for the palette release.

And whatever this newest powder tease may be, given the hashtag we have a feeling it’ll be released when the Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette is released.

What’s your take?

We are fully ready to cake our skin in golden luster, so these beauties can’t come out soon enough. As always, we’ll be stalking social media like the super beauty sleuths we are til we get our answers.