When we first heard about the SiliSponge, we thought what many ladies must have: is that a bra insert? Well, according to our friends at Cosmopolitan, a silicon bra insert does indeed work as a makeup sponge! Beauty hack managed. As Refinery 29 points out, since Molly Cosmetics’ “SiliSponge” is currently sold out, there’s never been a better time to try this beauty hack. And it apparently works just as well!

First, let’s explain how the Silisponge works.

As Molly’s Makeup explains on their Instagram post:

There are even helpful SiliSponge how-to videos on Instagram.

We’ll be honest: this little applicator almost sounds too good to be true. But apparently, it is not. Unfortunately, the SiliSponge is sold out until mid-December.

Fortunately, until then we can just use a regular old silicon bra insert for the same effect!

Well, we figure it’s now time to dig our bra inserts out of the drawer. We love when accessories have multiple uses! It feels a bit like magic. Mischief managed.