Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Mar 13, 2017 @ 12:51 pm
Credit: Sigma Beauty /

The process of applying makeup contains multitudes of feelings. It can be serious and focused meditative time, an expression of bright colors artistry, or straight up playful. If you’re all about bringing play to your makeup routine, then Sigma Beauty’s new Bunny Eye brush set might be the ideal addition to your routine.

The adorable new limited edition set of makeup brushes includes seven Sigma Beauty brushes with bright blue handles and the rousing spirit of a baby bunny ready to get extra cute for a night out in the park.

The set is already available online through the Sigma Beauty website for $57, so you’re wise to grab them while supplies last!

These are the perfect brushes to buy for your Easter dinner, so you can apply all your lavender eyeshadow with ease.

This spread includes a brightly colored Bunny Brush for all of your Easter picnic eye makeup needs.

The set includes an eyeliner brush, a pencil brush, a tapered blending brush, an eye shading brush, a large shader brush, a small angle brush, and a medium angle shading brush. So you’re truly all set!

We can already feel the sunny essence of spring just looking at these brushes!