Bronwyn Isaac
June 26, 2017 3:12 pm

Hold onto your sweet booties, because Sigma Beauty’s huge semi-annual sale is now happening, and you’re going to want to shop it immediately. The massive sale on Sigma Beauty products includes savings up to 75% on select items, so it won’t hurt your wallets too much.

While we could easily spend the day window shopping and daydreaming about piles of lipstick, we can’t sit around and speculate too long, because the sale will be ending on June 29th at midnight, CT. So, we’ve gotta act fast!

Since decision fatigue is a very real phenomenon, and it can feel impossible to narrow down our fave Sigma goodies, we have gathered 15 products to add to your cart.

1The Lip Vex, $2.50 (normally $10)

When was the last time you could treat your lips to a smooth, creamy finish and all-day staying power for under $3?! Plus, you have 14 shades to choose from. Sold (with the use of sales code LGPARNT).

2Lash Fan Brush, $6 (normally $15)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

This brush will help you paint your eyelashes into the twinkly daggers you’ve always known them to be. Remember to enter the product code E04 at checkout.

3Fall Softly Eyeshadow Palette, $27.30 (normally $39)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

Just look at all of these soft peachy pink shades, dusty rose, and grape-colored eyeshadows living together in harmony. We want that, and with the elusive sales code EPO15, we can have it for ourselves.

4Individual Eyeshadow (in Allure), $1.92 (normally $7.70)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

This is an ideal purchase for those who don’t need a whole palette but just want that one great eyeshadow. Also, since there are 22 shades and they’re each under $2, you could customize your own DIY palette. The sales code is ESPARNT.

5Blush (in Born-To), $3 (normally $12)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

We’re blushing at how much of a steal this is. There are six equally rich and blendable shades to pick from. Enter the code PARNTBLUSH at checkout for savings!

6The Aura Powder Blush (in Lady Slipper), $7.60 (normally $19)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

This is a great option if you’re looking for an all-over face powder that will accentuate your natural contours. Make sure to enter the code FACEPOWDER at checkout so you save those sweet dollars.

7Brow Expert Kit, $8.57 (normally $34.30)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

With less than $10 and the sales code BKPARNT, you can get your hands on tweezers, a brow highlighter, brow wax, brow powder, brow and lash brushes, and a sharpener. This deal speaks for itself.

8Embellish Lash Mascara, $4.75 (normally $19)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

First, you’ll enter the code MASCARA, then watch yourself transform into a femme fatale.

9Eye Liner (in Eclipse), $1.57 (normally $6.30)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

Take your pick from four shades of black (or blue) creamy eyeliner for under $2. Promo code is PARENTEL2.

10Eye Shadow Base (in Awake), $2.27 (normally $9.10)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

Sigma’s eyeshadow bases feature a blendable formula that allows the pigment to stay rich all day long. Enter the code ESB2PARNT at checkout.

11Power Crayon (in Own It), $3.75 (normally $15)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

We have a feeling if you enter the code LIPCRAYON and shop one of the six best-selling shades of Sigma’s moisture-rich pigment crayons, you won’t regret it.

12Power Stick (in Bloody-Good), $10 (normally $25)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

We can’t suggest the Power Lip Crayon without also suggesting the richly pigmented, long-lasting Power Stick. Enter the code LIPSTICK and shop the six dramatically named shades.

13Make Your Pout Lip Set, $34.30 (normally $49)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

Why not call it a day and buy a whole lip set?! When you enter the code LIP02 you’ll receive a Power Stick, Power Crayon, Power Liner, and Lip Eclipse Gloss. Needless to say, you’ll feel the power.

14Brow Highlight Duo, $2.45 (normally $9.80)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

Just enter PARNTBH, and for under $3, your brows will look like celestial bodies.

15Lip Eclipse Pigmented Lip Gloss (in London Girl), $4.25 (normally $17)

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

Pucker up to the discount code LIPECLIPSE, and let your lips shine on.

Hopefully, we helped relieve some of your decision fatigue.

If not, you can always buy everything.