Lourdes Avila Uribe
April 04, 2017 9:00 am

Despite the myriad impending glow kit launches that we’ve been hearing about, one has risen to the top as the most highly anticipated palette of the season:  The Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit. And just in case you need a little reminder, it launches today— so you better be ready to go! We’ve all been devouring every sneak peek that ABH and the lucky beauty bloggers who have gotten a chance to try it have given us, so we know we’re in for a truly heavenly palette.

The galactic-themed glow kit has some of the most interesting and beautiful shades we’ve ever seen, and it’s sure to make it a bonafide hit!

Not only is there a varying spectrum of pearly shades, but the lavender and green shades are intensely pigmented, giving you a true color payoff that so many other glow kits lack.

The Aurora Glow Kit will be available today.

We assume it’ll retail for $40 like its sister kits. We know you haven’t forgotten about ABH’s lovely Moonchild kit, right? There’s plenty of room for all!

That shine is out of this world! We can’t get over how rich and highly pigmented these shades are — it’s harder to find than you think! They’re so buttery and silky smooth looking, as well. You just know they’re going to be a dream to apply and blend.

Those colors are vibrant enough to POP like crazy on all skin tones, which you know we love!

Be ready to go and head on over to ABH for a chance to snag your own Aurora Glow Kit. You won’t regret it!