Since the moment we first heard of its very existence, we’ve been waiting to find out when we can get our clutches on Huda Beauty’s insanely gorgeous 3D Highlighter palette. Well, now we know the answer, and the great news is that it’s shockingly soon! On April 17th, we will all finally be able to shop the palette at Huda Beauty’s website, though we have a feeling it’ll be a race to snatch one up before they promptly sell out.

Of course, it was our dear friends at Trendmood who got the scoop on the release date, so we’ll let them tell you all about it.

The 3D Highlighter Palette comes in two shades, Pink Sands Edition and Golden Sands Edition — both of which are mind-blowingly beautiful. Each palette will be available for $45.

Not only is the packaging lovely, but the formula is pretty groundbreaking. It’s highly pigmented and glowy without looking overly glittery. Each palette comes with one cream highlighter and three powder highlighters that include shea butter that will smooth your skin and pearls that will boost the glow factor.

As if the news that we have Huda’s highly anticipated highlighter on the way, she also dropped her HudaMoji app today!

How precious is that? Now you can express yourself via Huda for all your emoji needs.

The perfect way to show our thrill at the impending arrival of the 3D Highlighter Palettes!

Now that we know that the highlighter palettes will be headed our way on April 17th, we’re going to have to start doing typing exercises so we don’t miss our chance to get one for our own precious faces. We are not kidding when we say that these will disappear quicker than a flash, so we have got to be ON IT. Hopefully, Huda’s got plenty to go around because nothing’s sadder than a highlighter-less beauty lover!