Lourdes Avila Uribe
January 16, 2017 11:38 am

Brands know that channeling millennials’ nostalgia is a pretty sure-fire way to have a hit product and it makes total sense given the current political climate — the world is terrifying and we will cling to whatever source of comfort we can get! Sephora is no slouch when it comes to the nostalgia game and their newest lip balms look like they were transported here from 1998! Sephora’s Sweet Balm line is going to fill that Pez dispenser-shaped hole in our hearts!

There are three shades of the moisturizing tinted lip balm for you to choose from, and it’ll give you a lovely sheer color while keeping your lips ultra-hydrated without being overly melty. We love anything that we can swipe on while on-the-go that will leave us looking refreshed and keeping our lips nice and moisturized!

Let’s take a look at the three shades of Sephora’s Sweet Balm, which are available for $6 each:







The clicker! We haven’t seen anything that cute in a while!

Not only is the packaging to die for and totally clever, but who doesn’t need a good lip balm to toss in their bag without having to worry about it opening up and making a disastrous mess? Come on, you know it’s happened to even the best of us. We can just click it down when we’re finished using it and it’s safe and snug, tucked away.

Did you have a clicky lip gloss or balm when you were in middle school? Either way, here’s your chance to have one now! Head right this way to get your own.