Lourdes Avila Uribe
February 03, 2017 2:03 pm
Sephora Collection / www.instagram.com

When we first heard about lip powders, we were skeptical. But like so many Korean trends that came before it, we were won over by how innovative and fun it was to use! Now, as Bustle points out, Sephora is going to help make the powder lipstick trend huge since the brand added a new line of lip powders to their namesake collection.

We’ve seen these kinds of lip powders before, but we admit to being surprised that Sephora went ahead and created their own line! It can only mean that they’re totally magnificent and we’re all going to be using them before we know it, because come on, Sephora knows their stuff! The limited-edition Sephora Lip Powder comes in six different shades and is available for $12, which is exceedingly reasonable!

Let’s take a look at each individual shade, darlings.

Gold Reserve


A gold nude.

It’s Natural


A peach nude that is also currently the only shade that’s sold out. Hope for a restock!

Rethink Pink


A burgundy.

Red Hot


A bright red.



A brown nude.

Rust Red


A rusty red. We like the look of those!

For the uninitiated, the way powder lipstick works is that when it mixes with the moisture of the lips, the powder turns to liquid and creates an even application. Some powder lipsticks come with a little tin of powder separate from the applicator, but Sephora has gone ahead and simplified it for us by making it all in one.

You can use the powder by itself or layer it on top of lipstick for added depth and glamour! All of these shades were created with a lightweight, metallic formula that will make your lips appear plumper and won’t dry them out, either!

Watch the HelloGiggles staff play with the OG lipstick powder below:

If you’re interested in the Sephora ones, head on over to the site and pick one up for yourself!