The newest of Sephora’s Classes for Confidence series has been officially announced, and it is targeted at people dealing with the physical toll of cancer. According to a report, the retailer is launching a Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer class later this week in over 40 cities across the U.S.

The 90-minute Sephora Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer classes will focus on arming women (and men — all genders are invited) affected by cancer with techniques that will flatter and take care of their skin and hair. Plus, students can learn great makeup techniques that will help them down the road as they recover.

One of the Sephora facilitators, Michelle, told that as a survivor, this is exactly the type of work she believes in,

Each class will involve a comprehensive set of tips, including demonstrations on how students can use waterproof eyeliner to fill in lash lines, to using the shade matching tool Color IQ for the best foundation. The hope is, that students will feel free to talk openly about the intersections of their experiences with cancer, and their evolving beauty journey. Sephora is just there to provide people with more tools for their personal expression.

You can check here if one of their classes is happening in your city.