Olivia Harvey
Updated Mar 01, 2017 @ 3:43 pm
Janssen Mendoza glow up
Credit: Instagram / ssenmendoza

Graduating college conjures up a whirlwind of emotions. We learned so much in our four years of higher education about the world, and most importantly, about ourselves. Janssen Mendoza, a graduating senior from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, wanted to celebrate the person she had become. So, for her senior photo, Mendoza showed off her “glow up” by literally bringing along her Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit to her photo session.

Listen, Medoza earned a college degree, which is wonderful. But girl also knows the value of a good highlight, and that is going to take her places.

Way to glow up, Janssen! Way to GLOW UP!

According to Seventeen.com, Mendoza was inspired to bring her gal pal Anastasia into frame after she saw a Twitter user do the same with her eyeshadow palette.

Mendoza also worked as a makeup artist while earning her degree and told Seventeen.com that she hopes her photo will show that girls can love beauty and books at the same time. She told the website:

This is a campaign we can get behind.

Since posting her photo a week ago, Mendoza has received over 1,200 likes and some super supportive comments:

Credit: Instagram / ssenmendoza
Credit: Instagram / ssenmendoza
Credit: Instagram / ssenmendoza

We couldn’t agree more, bayanzoubz. This is everything.

We’re sending some major kudos to Janssen Mendoza for keeping things upbeat and hilarious. Her glow up is one of the best ones we’ve seen yet!