Trilby Beresford
Updated Dec 16, 2017 @ 5:57 pm
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Credit: Instagram/Mandy Moore

There are many reasons to love Mandy Moore, but our current fixation is how minimal she is with her makeup routine. Oh, and those LIPS. Because have you ever noticed how Mandy Moore’s lips always look perfect? We have. And we’re inevitably forced to wonder just how exactly she maintains that healthy glow. Lucky for us, Byrdie spent the day with Moore and asked her to reveal the contents of her purse/her go-to beauty products.

And the purse revealed…Linda Rodin’s Luxury Lipstick in Tough Tomato (which is $38 on Amazon… oof) and Glossier’s Balm Dotcom (for the less shocking price of $12). And that’s it! A lipstick and a balm, and Mandy Moore is ready to go.

Apparently she rarely uses foundation, so the secret to her look really is her lip routine. Damn, girl! It doesn’t get any more low maintenance than this.

Moore admitted that she doesn’t even have an “anti-aging routine,” which is SO refreshing to hear in this culture where the cosmetics industry tends to shove anti-aging products down everyone’s throats (especially Hollywood stars).

As you can see, Moore rocks out her lipstick like a fresh-faced girl next door. So much yessssss to this.

Even though Moore has stated she doesn’t really do routines, the one thing she is starting to do (and we fully support this) is taking her vitamins. You know, the standard ones like Vitamin C, D, fish oil, iodine and selenium.

That makes perfect sense, and we always like to see people taking steps to maintain health and happiness. We’re taking a page out of your book, Mandy!

Let’s just look at those lips one more time…because they are oh-so-special.

And we’re officially getting ourselves a quality lipstick/balm combo, because hey, it’s almost Christmas and everyone deserves a treat.

OH, and if you’re dying to nab Mandy’s products for yourself, here they are!

Linda Rodin’s Luxury Lipstick in Tough Tomato ($38), available at Nordstrom.


Glossier’s Balm Dotcom ($12), available here.