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Beauty junkies the world over know that to get the much-coveted look of perfect skin, you have to start with a perfect base, and for that, you need a truly excellent primer. Which is why we can’t wait to get our hands on YSL’s Top Secrets CC Crémes for that silky-smooth, photoshopped IRL finish. We all know there’s nothing better than getting a compliment on our skin, and we have a feeling that thanks to YSL, we’re going to be getting a whole lot more of those!

The Top Secrets CC Crémes come in three different shades and address different needs, which is great because it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution that would leave your own unique skin concerns out in the dust. You can pick the one that best suits your skin’s unique needs.

You can pick between Apricot, Lavender, and Rose! The Lavender shade is perfect for correcting sallow tones and visible pores, giving you a radiant visage. The Rose shade battles dull skin to give you a rosy glow. The Apricot shade combats dark spots and evens out your skin!

There’s nothing we won’t do for radiant skin, and knowing how stunning YSL’s makeup is, we have no doubt that these will join the ranks of Touche Eclat and be cult products before you know it.

And to make matters even more exciting, each of these primers have SPF 30—PA+++. Now that’s almost too good to be true!

Your skin will look supple, even, and hydrated with a calm glow. Everyone will ask you if you’ve come straight from a facial! Where do you stand on primers? Do you have a favorite primer that you’ll never let go from your clutches? If you’re still searching, it looks like YSL’s CC Créme line might be a pretty great option to explore! Keep your eyes peeled for more info on when these beauties are gonna drop!