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You know when you’ve been consistently getting manicures and your nails start to feel brittle, thin, and look a bit yellow-ish? For most of us, that’s a sign that we need to eat some vitamins and give our nails a breather. But for us nail polish lovers out there, it can be super annoying to have to go around polish-free while our nails get back to their healthy selves — especially our toes! Nothing makes us feel less glamorous than having to walk around with gnarly yellow toenails, right? It’s an indignity! A mild one, yes, but an indignity nonetheless! It’s high time someone come up with nail polish that is nourishing and good for our nails, and thank the heavens for Sally Hansen, because they’ve done just that!

Their new Color Therapy line is made of argan oil, evening primrose oil, and acai to condition and strengthen weak nails.

Credit: Sally Hansen

Just what the nail doctor ordered!

Not only is there an impressive 38 new shades to choose from, but it also includes a Top Coat that is specially formulated to seal in nail color and prevent fading and chipping, as well as a Nail and Cuticle oil to heal your nails and skin!

Credit: Sally Hansen

How truly luxurious!

The line is split into three groups: The Nudes, Pinks/Corals, and Rich Tones — with this much variety, you’re guaranteed to find your favorite shades available in this healing formula. Here’s Soothing Sapphire reppin’ the Rich Tones:


Pampered in Pink is from the Pinks/Corals group!

Credit: Sally Hansen

And the aptly-named Nude, from the Nudes group!

Credit: Sally Hansen

How elegant!

The Sally Hansen Color Therapy line is expected to hit the shelves in December, so keep your eyes peeled for these gorgeous and healing polishes, which will be retailing for a very reasonable $8.99 each.