Jill Layton
Updated August 24, 2017
Creer Beaute

Attention all adoring Sailor Moon fans: There’s a new Sailor Moon eyeshadow palette we have a feeling you’re going to want to get your hands on. Because if there’s anything better than regular eyeshadow, it’s eyeshadow based on one of our favorite empowering anime women.

Ever since it was announced that Sailor Moon R: The Movie was being re-released, fans have naturally been freaking the freak out. And one beauty brand has decided to take that excitement and package it, which us fans are pretty happy about (like, REALLY happy).

The Japanese brand Creer Beaute just announced the release of a Sailor Moon-inspired eyeshadow compact as a part of its Miracle Romance collection, and it’s obviously filled with moon prism power.

Creer Beaute

The Sailor Moon Prism Compact features four eyeshadow colors — shimmery stan, mocha, pink, and fuchsia — one of which can also be used as blush. The eyeshadows live inside a gold, bejeweled Sailor Moon-inspired compact.

Creer Beaute

The magical compact will be available online in late March 2017. The compact is listed for 3,900 yen on the Creer Beaute website, which is equal to $34.

Creer Beaute

Even if you aren’t into the colors, the compact is definitely a collector’s item and worth having in your possession. You know, if you’re into moon prism power.

There are still two more Sailor Moon movies set to be released sometime in the near future, which hopefully means that the world will continue delivering us amazing Sailor Moon collectibles.