rituel de fille anti highlighter
Credit: @theparkak /

It’s no secret that we love all things witchy. One of those things is makeup brand Rituel de Fille. Their all-natural, rich products look and feel like magical potions, and their latest product ups that ante.

The company’s new Inner Glow Crème Pigment in Eclipse is a deep black-purple, and Refinery29 calls it an “anti-highlighter.”

Okay, first off: what exactly does that mean? It sounds really cool, but I’m always wary of people literally just inventing makeup trends. In this case, “anti-highlighter” speaks to the quality of the pigment more than anything else. Most highlighters are shimmery at their core, but Eclipse’s darkness seems like it could be a contour color. Yet, the pigment is versatile enough to be useful for eyes, lips, and yes, cheeks.

The Refinery29 piece mentions that on fair-skinned people, black pigment might not quiiite be the contrast you want. But there’s something lustrous about the idea of swiping on that all-natural darkness. Highlighter, in this sense, is more about literally highlighting rather than capturing light. It reminds me of the Renaissance art technique chiaroscuro. Shadow and light in concert with each other, and the result is something like magic.

Check out the pigment itself on Refinery29. It drops on April 5 online at Rituel de Fille. In the meantime, I’m gonna channel their Instagram’s witchy vision: