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When I think of QVC, I think of childhood afternoons spent laying on the couch while my mom watched the home shopping channel as she folded laundry. There’s a kind of comfort in QVC, don’t you think? It’s always there when you need something on in the background, and every once in a while they have really great deals that you know you have to have! I went through a phase in college where my roommate and I would watch it and order random kitchen appliances or costume jewelry made to look like Princess Diana’s famous engagement ring. Which is all to say, I love it and it’s great!

Well get a load of this: QVC is launching a beauty-only channel featuring brands like Nudestix, Dr. Dennis Gross, Tarte, Tatcha, and more for us to further our obsession and credit card debt!

The channel will be called Beauty IQ (I’m obsessed already) and will have live shows five nights a week as well as previously recorded beauty-themed shows the rest of the time!

Beauty IQ will be aimed at all beauty enthusiasts, but they’re especially hoping to get the attention of millennial shoppers, so they’re going the extra mile to work with the brands to create an authentic experience. Says CEO of QVC Mike George:

We’re totally into this idea! Anything that involves getting the brand to communicate more directly with their consumers will generally be more effective and feel more genuine and less like a gross corporate transaction. Jenny Frankel, CEO of Nudestix states,

This is something I can get behind and am totally familiar with! This seems super smart and accessible, I can’t wait to watch! Taylor Frankel says:

Truly music to our ears. This idea that “it’s not your mom’s QVC but you’re getting the same great reliable information that you can trust because it’s under the QVC umbrella” is pure gold. There will even be tutorials and master classes à la YouTube so we can really get a full experience that feels personal and familiar.

Are you freaking out? Is Beauty IQ sent here by our secret alien overlords to finally destroy us so they can take over once and for all? Help!