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The freshly trending role of the confusingly adorable and creepy trolls from our childhood has been a baffling emotional experience. It’s hard to tell whether we feel overwhelmed with joy or triggered with irrational childhood fear. Regardless of how you feel, Pur Cosmetics is launching a new Trolls eyeshadow palette and it looks like a loving marriage between bold primary colors and shimmery nudes.

Ever since Anna Kendrick starred in the Trolls movie as the voice of Princess Poppy, makeup brands across the land have clamored to claim the Trolls theme for their newest collections! The success has been widespread.

One of the first brands to seize the opportunity for a bright blue lipstick was MAC Cosmetics with their Trolls collection, which was full of neon eyeshadow and lipsticks that could light up any dark room. Soon after, Hard Candy’s Trolls collection swept through the world with psychedelic lipsticks and Betsey Johnson’s Trolls line offered up a variety of cartoonish accessories to pair with your bright-colored eyeshadow.

But now, the new Trolls x Pur Cosmetics line of 16 eyeshadows will be available online through Pur Cosmetics on January 8th.

You can drown your face in the colors of those emotionally confusing ’90s creatures.

You can also grab the set from your nearest Kohl’s starting January 15th!

So continues the beauty reign of Trolls and their neon sorcery.