Unicorn beauty fans on a budget will be absolutely horny for these $10 makeup brushes!

Maybe you’ve ogled the new unicorn horn makeup brush sets but haven’t been able to bring yourself to spend your hard-earned coinage on the $50+ version. Perhaps you’re not that huge of a cryptozoology fan and you’re just unicorn-curious. Or you’re more low-maintenance enchanted forest nymph than fairy princess, and your beauty routine doesn’t necessitate a ton of brushes by the most exclusive brands.

If that’s the case, you might be interested in the new, crazy affordable brush set from Primark. Wrap yourself in your unicorn blanket and read on!

At just $2 a brush, you’ll feel like you’ve pulled off a magic trick.

We get it, money can be as hard to hold onto as an enchanted one-horned wonder beast Luckily, British mass-market retailer Primark can hook you up on the cheap. Plus, it’s about the same prize as a medium pizza, so that’s how we’re justifying the price.

When any makeup or beauty trend takes off, the affordable versions of the originals aren’t far behind. The $10 dupe of the more expensive brands are just as cute and a total steal. Yep, it’s another ‘corn-y beauty product! We’ve seen a ton of creative packaging and brushes like the one from Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls’ forthcoming collaboration.

Primark’s house beauty brand, PS is offering a set of five brushes, plus a carrying pouch. The brush handles are horn-shaped in a light minty blue, and the bristles are a purple to blush to white ombre. There’s a pearl white pebbled pouch included for stashing them all.

PS Blue/Purple Unicorn Brush Set, $10.00

Credit: Primark

Buy the Unicorn Brush Set for $10 from Primark for affordable and adorable makeup brushes.