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Kat Von D is a woman of her word. When she announced plans to take her beauty brand 100% vegan, she followed through — and pretty quickly might I add. Now, the beauty mogul is making good on her promise of more shades of her Lock-It Foundation. Kat has added another 13 new shades to the line, so you can shop Lock-It in a whopping thirty shades total.

If your skin tone and undertone make for a difficult match, you know how truly dope this expansion is. The Lock-It foundation is already a cult favorite; with these new hues it’s bound to reach holy grail status.

Here’s a peek at how some of the new shades will look when applied.

D81 Cool

Kat describes this shade as a deep espresso with cool undertones. It’s a really special shade since most brown foundations tend to be on the warmer side.

M59 Neutral

This “tan acorn with neutral undertones” is a godsend for anyone of mixed race who has to deal with foundations that are either too yellow or too reddish for their skin tone.

M54 Cool

Once you pass the beiges on the color spectrum, everything gets orangey. This medium sesame with cool undertones is a breath of fresh air.

M53 Neutral

If you’re someone who likes to do a more neutral foundation in the cooler months, you may want to get a sample of this shade for fall/winter. The neutral base is perfect for this time of year when warmer formulas can read too “summery.”

M52 Neutral

Only some know the struggle of finding a non-yellow foundation in this hue. It’s a nightmare.

L43 Warm

Makeup brands assume that fair skin automatically means a cool undertone. Nope.

L41 Neutral

Kat calls this fair ivory with neutral undertones a goth girl’s dream and she’s right. The model’s skin looks like porcelain!

All 30 shades of the Lock-It Foundation can be found at Sephora stores and online as well. Not to be greedy Kat, but we’re ready for a few new contour palettes and concealers. Please and thank you.