November 29, 2016 3:21 pm
Emelie's Place / www.instagram.com

Enough with the junk drawer, the sandwich bags full of lip glosses, the old purses that have turned into palette storages — enough is enough. It’s time to organize your makeup, for real this time.

Whether you choose to splurge on an acrylic organizer, some new drawers, shelving, or just opt to make a little magic with Mason jars, it’s time to treat yourself to an organized space for all of your beauty goodies.

Perhaps all we need is a little inspo to get the party started. Here’s a roundup of incredibly inspiring vanities that’ll get you in the mood to face the junk drawer.

Drawer goals

The super organized drawers would laugh in the face of your junk drawer. Come on, how cool would it be to give your lashes their own DRAWER?!

Tiny space, no problem!

No space for shelves and drawers, utilize your wall space.

Peonies make everything better.

What’s a vanity without a few flowers?

Modern and minimal. We love this!

But did you notice the paper towel dispenser? OMG.

All of the lights, all of the lights!

I seriously doubt there’s such a thing as too much lighting.

Cup-led up.

Use cups to store brushes and add height to tabletop mirrors.

IKEA is always a good idea.

These floating shelves are pretty popular. Here’s what they look like doubled up.

Shop them here.

Basket case.

Maybe all you need are a few decorative baskets to get a professional-looking workspace.

Happy cleaning! Now go show that junk drawer who’s boss!