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New York Fashion Week is the perfect time for beauty brands to show off their impending launches — paired with all the stunning clothing, their looks are insanely desirable and make us desperately want to try them! Pat McGrath teased us at the Anna Sui show with what appeared to be a new eyeshadow kit, and we are getting a feeling that she won’t keep it a secret for too long. If her social media is any indication, it’s happening soon!

All of the models at the Anna Sui show were rocking the most intense, gorgeous blue eyeshadow we’ve ever seen, and, of course, it was genius Pat McGrath behind it. Now, thanks to this lil Instagram hint, it looks like we could get our hands on it soon!

What is the meaning of this! What does Grace Jones know that we don’t?! So many questions!

Trendmood appears to have gotten a look at these gorgeous kits, and it’s only added to our excitement.

And she shared a few a few more details — it turns out Pat McGrath is launching her new kit on April 11th and it will be available at on April 21st.

According to Trendmood, it looks like the kit includes several creamy eyeshadows as well as that famous glitter gloss. We’re screaming!

And in case you forgot, let’s take a look at these stunning shades so we can mentally prepare for what looks to be coming our way!

Gigi Hadid looks like an alien queen, and we want to as well!

No one does eye pigment like Pat McGrath — it’s truly otherworldly!

We love the contrast of the eye makeup with the drama of that winey-berry lip, don’t you?

It’s mysterious and ethereal. Wouldn’t you love to roll up to the bar like this? People would faint in the street.

Since it’s Pat McGrath we’re talking about, this new kit is going to be a total game-changer. That also means it’ll probably sell out insanely fast, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled come April 11th! You can also sign up at Pat McGrath to get an email alert as soon as it drops. Better safe than sorry!