Aside from blessing us with awesome gifs and a super dope “Stars Are Blind” remix this year, Paris Hilton is also treating us beauty lovers. Everyone’s favorite heiress has a secret Paris Hilton Cosmetics line that’s inspired by unicorns. And that’s not all either. According to E!, her next upcoming line is said to be inspired by mermaids. Yes, guys, we are excited about this one.

You may remember Paris’s extensive successful fragrance (or extensions) line, as we still have very strong opinions about her original Heiress scent, which we spritzed on back in high school. However, Paris has never really ventured into the realm of makeup, until now, that is. false

We’re curious as to what she has planned for her next launch. But with fierce competition from the Kardashians, and of course, Rihanna, we’re pretty sure Paris wanted to get in on the beauty action herself.

Featuring both unicorns and mermaids, the new Paris Hilton Cosmetics line is said to be a beauty lover’s dream, as she told E! News that the brand’s holographic and glitter packaging is going to be killer.

We’re sure the new Paris Hilton Cosmetics product launch is going to be lit, as the strobing kit is already giving us some major feels.


And the best part about her new launch (which is reportedly happening sometime in October) is that her cosmetics line is coming to stores like Macy’s.

While Paris explained to E! that her initial Paris Hilton Cosmetics launch was soft, we’re hoping the next launch blows up big time. Besides, who wouldn’t want to look like a sparkly mermaid?

Keep your eyes peeled, because the next beauty drop is going to be hot.