Bronwyn Isaac
January 27, 2017 12:42 pm

As a part of their endless quest to draw women and girls into their vortex of bright colors and affordable accessories, the scheming masterminds at Forever 21 are now selling Suva Hydra¬†cosmetics. So now, when you find yourself shopping all the dresses at Forever 21 you can complete your outfit by diving into Suva Hydra’s gorgeous colored eyeliners¬†and transform into a technicolor vision of style.

The line of Suva Hydra Liners now available online and in real life at Forever 21. It features a series of brightly colored pots full of water-activated eyeliners. So basically, they function like fashion forward watercolors for your eyelids. This means you will need to learn how to successfully use a wet brush on your eyes in order leverage the Suva Beauty look. The best part is they only cost $11!

The shades available are nothing if not bright and inviting.

We feel a little more awake just looking at them!

The gorgeous green shades immediately inspire visions of getting lost in the rainforest.

Due to their water-activated nature, you could even mix a few shades according to your eyeliner needs.

The Lustre Lilac shade truly looks like a melted pot of lilac petals.

You can check out the Suva Hydra collection on the Forever 21 website!

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