As relaxing as a manicure can be, we all know preventing nail polish from chipping is anything but long term. For most of us, seven days is the cutoff, 1o if we wash dishes with gloves and avoid any tricky zippers or rough exfoliators. So when we stumbled upon OOO Polish, which promises 14-day, chip-free wear, we were interested.

The vegan, cruelty-free indie nail polish brand features over 65 shades designed to flatter women of color. Last year, a study found that products marketed to African American women are much more likely to contain harmful ingredients. Studies like these prompted Symantha Wechie-Onyechi to create OOO Polish, a much safer alternative to popular polish brands that contain harmful ingredients.

Every little bottle of OOO Polish is made with love. Symantha told,

Time for the fun part, here are some of our fave shades by OOO Polish.

Orinmula, the nude that started it all ($9.25)

Askia Musa Remix, $9.25

Left to right: Waalo ($9.25), Askia Ishaq I ($9.25), Ségou ($9.25), and Amina ($9.25)

Symantha promises more colors are on the way and has teased a few on IG. Follow @OOOPolish to be the first to know when they drop.