Bronwyn Isaac
February 28, 2017 2:53 pm
Patrick Ta /

We were beyond excited when we peeped Instagram and realized one of our favorite beauty vloggers joined forces with Patrick Ta for a makeup tutorial. It felt like a REALLY early Christmas present gently floating into our arms to remind us that magic is still real. The vlogger in question is none other than the YouTube star Desi Perkins who frequently gifts the internet with eyebrow secrets and sugar skull makeup tutorials.

So naturally, when you combine the powers of her charisma with the elite makeup skills of Patrick Ta, it made for a tutorial that was both informative, thorough, and dosed with quality product suggestions.

First things first, Desi introduced Patrick to her YouTube followers and let them know he’d be doing her makeup!

Desi Perkins /

He started the tutorial by focusing on her priming up her eyes.

Desi Perkins /

He recommended Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo in order to have a secure, all-day look.

At one point Desi asked what his secret was for glowing skin, and his answer was surprising.

Desi Perkins /

In order to impart his celebrity clients (as well as himself) with a glowing look, Patrick shared that he mixes a few highlighters together. He said that while it depends on the day and the look, La Mer is always a staple brand to create glowing skin.

Next step was going for a full-on contour using none other than a BeautyBlender to finish the look.

Desi Perkins /

He recommended a Creamy Nars Concealer for completing the look of million dollar skin.

Then he shared that he likes to use eyeshadow brushes to apply blush.

Desi Perkins /

When it comes to blush, Patrick is ALL about MAC Cosmetics.

In order to complete the look, he applied gorgeous eyelashes.

Desi Perkins /

They’re appropriately named Little Black Dress and they hail from the brand Lash Couture.

Of course, no look is complete without a bold lip.

Desi Perkins /

It’s the Maestro Lip Stain from Giorgio Armani.

They made a great makeup tutorial team!

You can watch the full creation of this look below.

Now we wanna see them switch places and watch Desi do his makeup!