Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Mar 15, 2017 @ 5:19 pm

There’s something entirely dreamy about taking a walk on a spring day and rubbing your face in a bushel of fresh flower petals. So, when we heard that Violet Voss was releasing a highlighter palette that is flower-themed, we had to investigate further.

The highlighter, which we imagine will be one of our new fave products from Violet Voss, is named Rose Gold and will feature six shimmering rosy shades to make your face bloom. It seems reasonable to assume that this will be the ideal palette to compliment the rose-gold hair trend that still lingers on Instagram and in the fashion world at large.

Just look at this floral goodness.

While the Rose Gold palette still hasn’t been released, and we’re unsure of the price, we have a feeling those questions will be answered sooner than later!

The Rose Gold palette isn’t the only new product about to be dropped, Violet Voss has a new eyeshadow palette called the Matte About You palette!

It has sixteen glorious shades to choose from.

If you live in NYC, the Matte About You palette will be available early at IMATs New York!

Now we feel ready to smear our cheeks with roses and fill in our eyes with matte goodness.