Amanda Grace
Updated Jan 03, 2017 @ 1:34 pm
Credit: Storybook Cosmetics /

It’s January, winter has pretty much already came, BUT, Game of Thrones-inspired makeup might soon be coming! The collection concept is coming from none other than our favorite trio over at Storybook Cosmetics. We are already dreaming of white-walker highlighters and wildling neutral shadows. This is another one of those great ideas awaiting the fates of licensing — probably the harshest reality interrupting all of our Storybook fantasies. We hope HBO let’s them move forward because these products look amazing!

The mock-up designs posted on the company Instagram include a throne-inspired mirror compact (yes, THE throne!); a GOT book-shaped eyeshadow palette; a sword handle brush; and house-inspired lipsticks! Game of Thrones is currently getting ready to release its seventh season though filming doesn’t wrap until next month. The shooting was postponed in order to capture gloomier weather, which makes us weird fans ecstatic.

Whether you are a fan of the books, television series, or both, any GOT die-hard is sure to lust after this collection if it comes to be. Game of Thrones is full of specific color schemes and gorgeous designs. They also have a sword wielded over the beauty world — how many of us tried to go platinum blonde like the Mother of Dragons? We love that Storybook Cosmetics pays attention to detail, and the amount of thought and heart that goes into each design. The company states in their IG caption that even if half their licensing deals go through, it will be a busy 2017, which is just as exciting for us, the fans!

Storybook Cosmetics is on fire with these Game of Thrones designs!