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We’re used to our friends at Too Faced Cosmetics surprising us with beauty news almost on the daily, but this latest bit of information has really thrown us for a loop! Too Faced was just acquired by Estee Lauder for 1.4 billion dollars! That’s the largest acquisition in Estee Lauder’s history! We are totally gobsmacked — we just never saw it coming. It makes sense, though, when we think back on the recent influx of new Too Faced products that have been pouring out of the fun and flirty brand the past few months. This is huge for them! The opportunities for the brand to expand both here in the states and abroad just grew by leaps and bounds.

Not only will they have a major corporation backing them and enabling them to create even more new products than ever before, but there’s also the possibility of them getting their own stand alone stores in the same way that MAC did when Estee Lauder purchased them.

Talk about life-changing!

Co-founder of Too Faced (and HelloGiggles fave) Jerrod Blandino had this to say about it all:

They certainly do seem to be moving in quite the upward trajectory!

Not everyone is thrilled, however. Too Faced has always been famously committed to developing cruelty-free products, and having Estee Lauder as a parent brand is making some fans think twice about whether or not they’ll still be able to enjoy Too Faced products in the future.

Blandino has taken a stand and assured people that while Estee Lauder does in fact test on animals for other brands, their line will remain cruelty-free. He says,

But will that be enough for many of his passionate fans? Many are saying no, and are jumping ship.

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They definitely have a point, and it’ll be interesting to see how Too Faced and Estee Lauder manage these seemingly conflicting interests.

We are definitely happy for Jerrod and crew. They bring a lot of joy to so many through their beautiful products, and we wish them only the best. We can only hope that Estee Lauder is pushed to change the way they create makeup through alliances with people and companies who are committed to protecting animals and the environment. What’s your take on it all?