Ofra Cosmetics is bringing back four metallic liquid lipsticks that are fit for a galactic goddess.

The cruelty-free, Florida-based natural brand has a wide range of products from makeup to skincare to professional tools and accessories. Their vast line of liquid lipsticks has a bunch of fun colors, both neutral and wild. Now they’re bringing back their most requested and sold-out metallic shades.

All the sexy aliens and intergalactic empresses will be stoked for the Return of the Lippie! You’ll glow like a supernova and shine like a star in these pretty, vitamin E, and antioxidant-infused shades.

Swatches on a golden skin tone, in sparkling motion for your viewing pleasure.

The shades are named for magical opulent places, some real and some fictional. The colors are Versailles (a brownish rose gold), Wonderland (a warm pinkish purple), Monaco (a light wine shade), and Emerald City (a gold with a tiny hint of green.)

The liquid lipsticks are duo or triple-chrome and catch the light in a trippy, out-of-this world way. We think they’ll go great with Ofra’s new Rodeo Drive highlighter or On The Glow palette.

A still shot on a lighter skin tone, just as flattering!

The coveted lipsticks go on sale Tuesday, March 14th at 10 a.m. EST on Ofra’s site, and if the crowd response is any indicator, these babies will go quickly! The brand is doing giveaways until then on their Facebook and other social media accounts, so keep an eye out for a chance to win.

A close-up of the tubes.

Buy ’em starting Tuesday, March 14th on!