November 14, 2016 5:23 pm
BrushCraft / www.instagram.com

Remember those oval brushes that were EVERYWHERE? Every vlogger, blogger, and YouTuber had a set, and before you knew it, they completely consumed your Instagram feed. The makers of Artis have made their oval makeup brushes better than ever, so if you were intimidated the first go around, now’s the time to give this new shape and makeup tool a try. BrushCraft promises to be easier to use, especially if you’re using the brushes on yourself. The fibers are turned at a right angle to make them much easier to maneuver. The fibers got an upgrade, too. Instead of animal hair (which can be an issue for allergy sufferers,) BrushCraft features NuFibre, a new man-made fiber that’s super soft.

This new set includes four brushes that range from $18.50 to $24.50.

First up, the Linear 1


Designed to make thin, precise lines, the Linear 1 is a must try for those of us who can’t seem to keep a steady hand. Instead of holding it like a pen, the way you would with other brushes, use this horizontally to pull color across your eyelid.

The Circle 1R


Circle 1R is the most versatile of the set. Use it to spot conceal, apply shadow into your crease, apply lip colors, or paint a super sharp cheek contour.

The Oval 3


Meet your eyes’ best friend. Oval 3 is your new go-to for all things eyeshadow, and it’s just the right size for applying under eye concealer.

The Oval 6


Over 60,000 fibers make up the Oval 6. Use it to apply foundation, blush, bronzer, or contour. Tip: try to avoid buffing motions which can move product around too harshly, instead use a light sweeping motion to blend.

Head over to BrushCraft to shop and check out videos on how to use each brush.