Nail Swag has assembled an at-home gel nail art kit that can make your digits salon-fabulous for a fraction of the cost.

Natalie Minerva is the celebrity nail artist behind the California brand. She owns and operates the Nail Swag Design Lab, an award-winning salon in Downtown Los Angeles. Natalie believes that everyone should have a creative outlet, and she’s excited to share hers with her clients and fans.

The new Nail Swag Kit features six curated colors of Kotta gel (a highly pigmented, odor-free formula with a smooth feel) base and top gel, a gel brush, nail art accouterments, a manicure prep and removal kit, and an LED lamp.

Natalie puts the “swag” in Nail Swag.

Credit: Courtesy of Nail Swag

Regular salon gel nail services (and even the removal process) can get pricey. The kit yields at least 12 manicures or pedicures, and the design combos are endless. The kit retails for $120, so a mani or pedi will average $10 each.

The first kit release is called Palm Sprung. (This means there will be more!) The California desert destination of Palm Springs inspired the aesthetic of the collection.

Desert blooms.

Credit: Courtesy of Nail Swag

Stardust Powder is a silver flake powder that makes nails look like jewelry and matches all the shades in Palm Sprung.

The shade Prickly Pear with Stardust Powder on top.

Credit: Courtesy of Nail Swag

Straight line stickers in gold, white, and black (shown here) make for perfect geometric designs. (Even when applied with your non-dominant hand!)

Credit: Courtesy of Nail Swag

Nail Swag At-Home Gel & Nail Art Kit, $120

Credit: Courtesy of Nail Swag

Here’s a peek at everything included:

Buy the Palm Sprung Nail Swag Kit exclusively on for $120.