Ashley Rey
December 18, 2016 1:46 pm

We just came across a video of a beauty blogger Nadina Ioana giving her mom with cancer an awesome makeover, and it totally hit us in the feels! The YouTuber shared the special technique on the video platform just a couple weeks ago. Since then, her video has reached over 32K views.

According to Nadina, chemotherapy has made her mother’s skin sensitive, in addition to making her lose her hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. As a result, Nadina had to use gentle products in addition to a soft hand. Hence, we can imagine how tricky this is. Especially when applying eyelashes. Therefore, it definitely takes someone special to perfect this!

Nadina really brought forth her mother’s inner beauty with the makeover. Consequently, watching totally made us tear up! Check out the incredible transformation for yourself. We dare you NOT to cry.

Beauty blogger Nadina Ioana gave her brave, cancer-battling momma the best makeup look ever!

In the viral video, Nadina shares techniques that one should use when applying makeup to those going through chemotherapy.

Furthermore, Nadina has perfected some incredibly detailed makeup looks — take a look below:

Nevertheless, this makeover has to be the most noteworthy to us. It’s certainly the most personal!

And voila! Her mother looks absolutely amazing. And in addition to looking beautiful, we bet she feels amazing! We definitely shed a few tears while watching this one.

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