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It cannot be overstated how important a seemingly low-key beauty product like setting spray is for your overall look — and luckily for us, our fave brands have taken notice and developed their own versions. Morphe Brushes’ new Prep + Set Makeup Setting Spray is about to hit the scene, and it’s giving us major old school, big-hair-hairspray flashbacks!

The aerosol delivers a powerful, even spray of makeup-setting goodness to ensure your look doesn’t budge no matter what. The continuous setting mist delivers a micro-fine spray with a controlled and even application to ensure seamless coverage. Gotta keep that makeup on point and looking fresh all day long, and this is just what we need to amp up our beauty game.

The Morphe Brushes Prep + Set Makeup Setting Spray will be available online on May 9th.

YouTube darling Jaclyn Hill used the Morphe spray in a recent video, and it looks like some pretty powerful stuff!

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It is super clear from the video that she didn’t even need to use very much and it went on really easily and evenly. Are we the only ones who jerk around a bit when spraying our faces? This looks a bit easier to use and fairly foolproof.

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If Jaclyn’s final look is any indication, this setting spray gets an A+. Her makeup is still perfect, and the spray hasn’t altered the texture or look of any of the products she used. We don’t want anything to dull the shine that we worked so hard to create!

Credit: Jaclyn Hill /

You can check out Jaclyn’s entire video, below.

We gotta say, we’re sold on the effectiveness of this spray based on this demo by Jaclyn, alone.

You can always count on the quality of Morphe’s products, as well as their reasonable price point. We can’t wait to try this guy out and rock our makeup deep into the sweaty summer night.