Amanda Grace
Updated Dec 16, 2016 @ 12:30 pm
Credit: Molly Cosmetics

Is it just us, or is this the season of limited edition? We are so excited for so many LE products hitting stores and digital shelves. Molly Cosmetics, makers of our favorite translucent SiliSponge, are dropping a new and very limited edition “Stardust” SiliSponge.

If you are not familiar with the original product, the SiliSponge is a clear oblong silicone “sponge” that has replaced even our most beloved Beauty Blenders. Plus, it looks like a bra insert, so that will give anyone a good laugh!

People are loving the silicone design because less liquid product is used since it isn’t as porous. We love saving our expensive foundations as much as we can!

Credit: Molly Cosmetics

The original is currently on pre-order for its 9th (!!!) re-stock, which will ship out early January and that’s around the same time that the gray glitter, speckled version is expected to be available!

The limited edition sponge is priced at $19.90, but we’re hoping it stays on sale for $14.90 once it’s back!

We love that the Stardust version is round and compact-sized, perfect for on-the-go blending. Both SiliSponges are made from flexible silicone cores and oil-resistant polyurethane, and as Allure points out, this means they harbor fewer germs and bacteria than your other makeup tools. Praise hands emoji!

Cleaning the SiliSponges is as simple as a spot of antibacterial soap and some warm water. No fancy brush cleaner? No waiting for bristles to dry? Have we gone to makeup heaven? This truly is a tool to rule them all.

Of course, softer sponges and brushes are still useful for final blending. They will always have a place in our hearts. 2016 may have taken our starman, David Bowie, but at least it gave us this Stardust Silisponge preview!

While the limited edition Silisponge is currently sold out, you can expect to purchase it in January!

You can get your hands on both Silisponge variants and we highly recommend the original for home and Stardust for on-the-go!