If there’s anyone who’s got the holographic beauty corner covered, it’s Milk Makeup, which is why we’re surprised (yet totally pleased) to see that they might be dipping their toe into glittered waters. They took to their Instagram to hint that their upcoming release might include something full of glitter, and we’re dying to know more.

Milk Makeup is all about the minimal, subtle shimmer, so it’ll be exciting to see what the come up is in regards to glitter makeup. We honestly are pretty stumped at this point, given that the use of glitter in their makeup is a pretty big deviation from their usual aesthetic.

Milk Makeup’s sneaky glitter peek has got everyone in a tizzy trying to figure out what it could possibly be.

What are we looking at here? Could this be a case of some kind? Does that mean it’s a glitter palette?

We’d be kind of pumped it if was a glitter lip, TBH, since their lip products are so unique and exciting. It’d also be in keeping with their slightly alien-esque style.

And in case you were worried that making a glitter product would alienate Milk Makeups’ minimalist base, fear not, because they’re jazzed.

Credit: Milk Makeup /
Credit: Milk Makeup /

Hmm, a rainbow highlighter would be interesting, but would it be in stick form? Now that would be cool.

We’ll be stalking Milk Makeup’s social media pages until we get more information on what this could possibly be. Do you have a clue or are you as surprised as we are to see that they’re delving into the world of glitter makeup? We can’t really blame them, it really is the hottest trend of the year, so they might as well get on board.