Claire Beaudreault
March 30, 2017 3:48 pm

Michelle Phan and her brand EM Cosmetics are back with a gorgeous new lipstick line inspired by her world travels, fans, and a much-needed year off.

Beauty superstar Michelle Phan needed a break. The YouTube celeb/CEO/businesswoman/force of nature took a hiatus from her busy career to look inward and refocus. We support that completely! We’re glad the makeup maven had a chance to regroup. Michelle is back in business and we’re super stoked about the revamp of her brand EM Cosmetics, founded in 2013.

The first offering from the reborn brand is a collection of seven liquid lipsticks, called “Infinite Lip Cloud.” It’s no coincidence that the name sounds so celestial. Michelle is a big fan of science, nature, geometry, and art. The shades were inspired by the oil paintings Michelle saw during her travels.

Swipe through to see the seven sumptuous shades from the lip collection.

The description of the product really caught our eye: “magnetic pigment in a smooth, comfortable, feather-like creams.” Sign us up! Doesn’t that just sound heavenly?

On the birth of the lipsticks, Michelle says:

In a Facebook Live video, Michelle took questions from fans and addressed the challenges of redeveloping a brand in a fresh way while staying true to the original incarnation. Michelle swatched the cruelty-free lipsticks, which are flattering to a wide range of skin tones.

In the video, Michelle said:

We definitely appreciate it!

Let’s look at the lipstick shades, shall we?

Muted Mauve, $16

EM Cosmetics

Faded Clementine, $16

EM Cosmetics

Crimson Red, $16

EM Cosmetics

Rose Nude, $16

EM Cosmetics

It’s currently sold out, but we’re crossing our fingers for a restock!

Spanish Earth, $16

EM Cosmetics

Ultramarine Violet, $16

EM Cosmetics

Violent Magenta, $16

EM Cosmetics

Buy the lipsticks for $16 each (with free shipping!) on