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As much as we adore our big name beauty staples, we just cannot sleep on the quality of makeup coming out from indie beauty brands — they are elevating makeup on every level, aesthetically and formula-wise. One of our favorites is Melt Cosmetics, and if their new Digital Dust highlighter collection is any indication, they’re as high quality as products from any luxury beauty brand out there. We’ve been in love with Melt since they first hit the scene with their lush, rich lipsticks and our love has only grown the more we try out their stuff.

Judging from photo evidence of the lucky few who have tried them out early, the Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust highlighters not only provide you with the most insane glow we’ve seen in a while, but the packaging and product itself is out-of-this-world gorgeous. We’re positively starry-eyed!

The Digital Dust highlights will be available this month, in three shades.

Isn’t that texture on the actual highlighter insane? That is some fancy-ass typography happening on makeup! It’s stunning.

We have only gotten a look at two of the shades that are headed our way — Gold Ore, a warm true sunlight tone; and Stargazer, a soft nude champagne. Nova, a warm bronze, is waiting to be revealed!

This is the most radiant glow we’ve seen in a while, and it doesn’t look greasy or overly glittery in any way.

The Digital Dust highlights were formulated with delicate pigments that combine for the truest color possible with a highly polished finish.

That detail! We can’t take it.

As with all Melt Cosmetics products, the Digital Dust highlights are vegan and cruelty-free, so you can rest easy knowing that these gorgeous additions to your makeup drawer did not come at an inhumane cost.

Keep your eyes peeled for a release date as well as pricing on these gorgeous new highlighters. They’ll be worth every penny for that shine and that incredible detail. They’re showstoppers to be sure!